People's Committee of Dak Lak province issued deployment plan of actual adoption registration

On September 04, the provincial People's Committee issued Decision to issue deployment plan of actual adoption registration under the provisions of the Law on Adoption.

This is the basis for enhancing the propagation and dissemination of the general law on adoption and actual adoption in particular, to help people understand the purpose and significance of the registration of adoption, voluntary post register adoption; same time, attracting the participation of the local unions involved in the activities and encourage people to register for the adoption.

The major content of the Plan included propagation and dissemination of legal knowledge about domestic adoption, adoption practice; review, statistical evaluation of the actual adoption; guide documented case of need the actual adoption registration; register for the actual adoption. The plan was carried out in 05 stages. Besides, the plan also specifies the responsibility of the Department of Justice, the People's Committee at district and commune level in the implementation of the actual adoption registration.