Nghe An: to open another notary office

On April 4, 2012, Chairman of Nghe An provincial People’s Committee issued Decision No. 1098/ QD-UBND on establishing Tay Nghe notary office (in Anh Son district). On that legal basis, the provincial Department of Justice granted the operation registration certificate No. 429/ TP-DKHD dated April 24, 2012 to Tay Nghe notary office.

Accordingly, Tay Nghe notary office is organized and operated under the kind of private enterprises, notarizing the documents such as contracts of purchase, sale, transfer, and donation and other transactions relating to real estate; mortgage contracts; loan and lease contract; procuration; testament; written agreement divided the couple's common property and assets of the company members; written agreement divided the inheritance…

The notary office has separate seal and bank account; It locates in region No 5 , Anh Son town, Anh Son district, Nghe An province.

The Notary Office’s operation will meet the rising demand for notarization of documents  in Anh Son district in particular and Nghe An province in general. Reportedly, this is the 23rd notary office established and comes into operation in Nghe An province.