Deputy Minister of Justice Tran Tien Dung attended the 6th Saint-Petersburg International Legal Forum

The Saint-Petersburg International Legal Forum is an annual event, which was first organized in 2011 and is patronized by the President of Russia. The Forum was attended by senior leaders from Russia and other countries, top experts in economic, legal and international relation, leaders of legal organizations from big companies and corporations and representatives of international legal organizations.
The primary mission of the Forum was developing ideas for modernizing law in globalization with a lot of changes, enhancing the connection between legal systems and building united points of view in solving legal development matters in globalization.
The topic of the 2016 Saint-Petersburg International Legal Forum was “Fate in law – Resolving Mechanism for global crisis”. More than 3000 delegates from organs of Governments, Courts, economic corporations, law firms, judicial practice organizations, training facilities from around the world, including senior representatives of the Ministry of Justice, judicial organs from many countries and many international organizations of the United Nations, UNIDROIT, Interpol, International Law Association, Hague Conference on International Judicial. The plenary meeting of the Forum was opened and chaired by Russia Prime Minister Dimitry A. Medvedev.
The Ministry of Justice delegation attended some seminars relating to the functions and duties of the Ministry, such as “Modern judicial institutions: challenges and prospects”; “Borderless commercial and investing environment for global development”; “Connecting skills in globalization”; “Lawyers with social media: regulations and general perception”; “Protecting customer rights according to United Nations guidelines”; “Electronic trial in Italia”…
Aside from the Conference, Deputy Minister Tran Tien Dung had bilateral meeting with the Austria Minister of Justice, Russia Deputy Minister of Justice, General Secretary of Hague Conference on international judicial, Leader of Moscow Legal Academy (Kutafin) and Saint-Petersburg National University. Mr. Deputy Minister and the Delegation also had a lot meetings with chief delegate from other attended countries to promote legal cooperation with Vietnam. Detail about the bilateral meeting will be updated from Saint-Petersburg by the Department of International Cooperation.