Science and technology – The key to success

On May 15th, the Department of Legal Science organized a scientific meeting with the topic “Science and technology – The key to success” to celebrate Vietnamese science and technology Day. Deputy Minister of Justice Phan Chi Hieu, along with directors and specialists from other departments attended the meeting. Former Deputy Minister of Science and Technology was the spokeman of the meeting.
Speaking at the science meeting, Deputy Minister Phan Chi Hieu emphasized that science and technology played a very important part in developing the socio-economy of the country and in determining its competitiveness. He informed that scientific researchs were having many significant changes, the awereness of the role of science and technology in implementing the Ministry political mission was also raised.
In the new developing stage of the country, a lot legal science matters require to be theoretically and practically explained. Deputy Minister Phan Chi Hieu hoped that each unit and individual  would consider science and technology to be a solution in improving the quality and effectiveness of daily life activities and works.
Mr. Deputy Minister also recognized and honored the efforts of many organizations and individuals, especially the Ministry scientific researching organizations, who overcame many difficulties and contributed to the recent development of the Ministry and sectors.
Having discussed at the meeting, former Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Le Dinh Tien introduced some new content in science and technology reseaching, such as: building new innovative  and creative national system, focusing on training a high quality workforce and effectively acquiring new technology; building the national value chains and joining the international value chains; creating a competitive environment and strongly developing the private sector…