Legal cooperation between Vietnam and Russia will have stratetic improvements

On May 10th, Deputy Minister Nguyen Khanh Ngoc gifted the “For the Judicial career” anniversary medal to Russia Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador in Vietnam, Mr. Konstantin Vasilievich Vnukov (K.V.Vnukov).
At the ceremony, Deputy Minister Nguyen Khanh Khoc recognized and thanked Mr. Ambassador and his colleagues at the Russia Embassy in Vietnam for their contribution. They played a very important role as the connection in the cooperation between Vietnam and Russia in general and between Vietnam Ministry of Justice and Russia justice and legal department in particular. Mr. Deputy Minister also thanked former Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong for his contribution in mounting and restoring the relation between two Ministries and Goverments.
Mr. Ambassador K.V.Vnukov was very emotional and expressed his gratitude. He believed that the legal and judicial cooperation between two countries will big strategic improvements in recent future. He also promised to try his best to build up this relation.
Former Minister Ha Hung Cuong congratulated Mr. Ambassador and believed that the effort from both parties will help promoting the cooperation between two Ministries and achieve the goals that was set, making a deep and clear mark.