Deputy Minister of Justice Tran Tien Dung visit Russia

Having accepted the invitation from the Russia Minister of Justice, the delegate from Vietnam Ministry of Justice which was lead by Deputy Minister Tran Tien Dung will be attending from the 5th Saint-Petersberg international legal Forum.
Beside the mutilateral meetings at the Forum, the Delegate will be having 9 bilateral meetings with the Russia Ministry of Justice and 5 Russia legal training facilities. They also have meetings with the Austria Minister of Justice, the General Secretary of the Hague Conference on international judicial. On Sunday May 15th, the Delegate visited the Vietnam Embassy in Russia.
After that, on May 16th, Deputy Minister Tran Tien Dung had working sessions with Russia legal training facilities in order to deploy the signed cooperative documents and to set up a new cooperation in training. In Moscow, the Delegate had a meeting with the headmaster of Russia Legal Academy of the Russia Ministry of Justice, Law Faculty of Moscow General University and the vice-master of University of ethnic friendship (UDN).
Deputy Minister Tran Tien Dung highly appreciated Russia legal training facilities, which trained and nurtured many generations of Vietnamese legal officers. Many of which played or are playing a very important role in the government, including lots of senior leader positions. The former students of MGU and many other people who graduated from Russia legal training facility has always been faithful to Russia and the Russian. He proposed that the Russia legal training facilities continue to support and cooperate with Vietnam in creaing a high quality workforce.
Particularly, the Deputy Minister proposed the Russia training facilities to review and support the cooperation in legal workforce training for Vietnam in coming years. He informed that Russia provides 800 scholarships for graduate and postgraduate study but the amount of scholarships for legal training does not matched Vietnam requirements for high quality legal training.
The headmasters of Russia Legal Academy, Law Faculty of Moscow General University and University of ethnic friendship (UDN) all expressed that they are ready to cooperate with the Ministry of Justice and Vietnam legal training facilities in variety of forms, such as: graduate, postgradutate; foreign exchange students, semester training, thematic subjects; lecturers exchange; cooperative science research, international seminar…
In couple of days after, along with Russia Ministry of Justice, Deputy Minister Tran Tien Dung and Vietnam Delegate will continue to have meetings with the Ministries of Justice from different countries and also some Russia legal training facilities which is cooperating with Vietnam, such as Moscow National Legal Academy (MGUA) and Saint – Petersburg General University. These two facilies signed the Cooperative Agreements with Vietnam Judicial Academy and Hanoi Law University. Saint – Petersburg and Hanoi Law University have been very active in the recent years, lots of measures in promoting the cooperation was proposed and two cooperative Memo drafts about exchange students and lectures were built. According to plan, two cooperative documents specifying the signed Cooperative Agreements will be signed this June.