Deputy Minister of Justice Tran Tien Dung ended his sucessful business trip to Russia

After the successful meetings with Russian legal training facilities in Moscow during the Saint-Petersburg International Legal Forum, Mr. Deputy Minister also had bilateral meetings with directors of the Russia Ministry of Justice, Austria Minister of Justice, General Secretary of the Hague International Judicial Conference, Saint-Petersburg National General University and Moscow State Law University.
Meeting the Russia Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr Travnikov M.A
At the meeting, Deputy Minister Tran Tien Dung thanked the Russia Ministry of Justice for inviting Vietnam Ministry of Justice to attend the 2016 Saint-Petersburg International Legal Conference. He also congratulated Russia in succesfully hosting the important events for the last 6 years. Mr. Deputy Minister highly appriciated Russia in creating a trustful place for international exchanges between politics, jurists, businessmans and legal scientist.
Both Deputy Minister of Justice appriciated the achieved results in the cooperation between two Ministries, especially after the official visit to Vietnam by Russia Minister of Justice Konovalov A.V in November 2015, as well as the recent official visit by Deputy Minister of Justice Aristov D.V in April 2016 in order to deploy the 2010 Cooperation Agreement and the 2015-2016 Cooperation Plan. Both parties also agreed that both Ministries need to be more active in effectively and practically deploying the cooperative activities to enhance the cooperation between Vietnam and Russia, especially after the successful official visit to Russia by Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.
Two Ministers strongly believed that base on the cooperation which has been built, two Ministries will continue to cooperate in order to enhance the legal and judicial relation and the partership between Vietnam and Russia.
Meeting with Moscow State Law University (Kutaphin)
At the meeting with Headmaster of Moscow State Law University (Kutaphin), Deputy Minister of Justice Tran Tien Dung highly appriciated the cooperative activities that was implemented according to the signed Memos with the Vietnam Judicial Academy at the end of 2011. However, Mr. Deputy Minister considered that since the demand and potential of the cooperation between two parties are very high, both Academys need to review and evaluate the implementation of the Agreement, also propose to the Annual Operation Plan in order to develop the cooperation.
Mr. Deputy Minister emphasized the role of the Ministry of Justice in training legal officers and judicial titles. He specially emphasized that Vietnam was strongly promoting the legal workforce service, especially in judicial titles through the implementation of two Schemes – General Scheme “Making Hanoi Law University and Ho Chi Minh City Law University the main legal officers training facilities” and Scheme “Making Judicial Academy a big judicial titles training facilities”. The goal is to make a significant change in legal and judicial officers training, meeting the requirements in legal and judicial improving, as well as international integration. The Deputy Minister hoped that the partnership between Moscow State Law University and Vietnam legal training facilities will continue to develop and support the implementation of the mentioned important Schemes. He also appriciated that the Academy had sent specialist to attend the operation of the Mixed Working Group Vietnam – Russia, which is being established.
Meeting with Saint-Petersburg National General University
During the Forum, the Delegation from the Ministry of Justice visited the Saint-Petersburg National General University, Ho Chi Minh Academy, Ho Chi Minh monument and memorize President Ho Chi Minh on occasion of his birthday (19/05).
Both parties highly appriciated that the Saint-Petersburg General University and Hanoi Law University have actively proposed solutions to reconnect the partnership and built two drafted Cooperative Memos about students and lecturers exchange. These two cooperative documents are planned to be signed in June 2016 during the visit to Russia by Hanoi Law University.
During the meeting with Professor, Headmaster of Ho Chi Minh Academy, Deputy Minister Tran Tien Dung emphasized the role of the Academy in promoting the friendship between two countries.
After the meeting, Mr. Deputy Minister and the delegation from the Ministry of Justice paid a visit to President Ho Chi Minh monument, which is solemnly placed in the school ground.
Meeting with Austria Minister of Justice – Mr. Wolfgang Brandstetter
During the meeting with Austria Minister of Justice, Deputy Minister Tran Tien Dung highly appriciated the relation between Vietnam and Austria, especially in politic – diplomatic, economic and cooperative development. He expressed his gratitute for the support of Austria recently and confirmed that Vietnam always appriciate and promote the relation with Austria, one of Vietnam’s most important partners in Europe Union.
Two parties appriciated that two Ministries of Justice had created the relation after former Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong’s business trip to Austria in December 2013. Vietnam Ministry of Justice have cooperated with Austria Ministry of Justice in building the drafed 2016-2017 Operation Program, which will be signed as soon as possible.
Meeting with General Secretary of Hague International Judicial Conference – Christophe Bernasconi
At the meeting, Deputy Minister of Justice Tran Tien Dung informed Mr. General Secretary the activities that Vietnam have deployed according to the Hague Conference, which Vietnam has been a member of since April 2013. Mr. Deputy Minister also informed about the plan for organizing ASEAN Legal Forum about the conventions of Hague International Judicial Conference and proposed the Standing Committee and Secretary Committee of the Hague Conference to technically support and attend this important event. Mr. General Secretary highly appriciated that Vietnam had submited the document to join the 1965 Hague Convention in March 2016. Both parties hoped and believed that the Convention will be effective with Vietnam from 1st November 2016.
With the achieved results from attending the 6th Saint-Petersburg International Legal Forum and nearly ten bilateral meetings with Russia legal organs and legal training facilities, also international partners in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, the business trip of the Ministry of Justice, led by Deputy Minister Tran Tien Dung have met the proposed purposes. The attendance of the Delegation at the Forum shown that Vietnam is willing to intergrate, receive and learn about dealing with modern legal issues. The meetings with Directors of Russia Ministry of Justice, Austria Minister of Justice, General Secretary of Hague International Judicial Conferencem, as well as Russia legal organs and legal training facilities have helped the parties to understand each other better which will bring more legal and judicial cooperative opportunities, especially the legal officers training service that had been interrupted since the dismission of the Soviet Union. All 5 Russia legal training facilities appriciated the support of Ministry of Justice directors and expressed that they want to cooperate more with Vietnam by signing the Cooperative Aggreement with Hanoi Law University this June.