Vietnam - United States: to cooperate with each other for mutual benefit

Vietnam - United States: to cooperate with each other for mutual benefit
Minister Ha Hung Cuong on November 1 received U.S Deputy Minister of Justice James Cole,  who was attending  the 80th Interpol General Assembly Session.
Minister Ha Hung Cuong welcomed Deputy Minister James Cole to Vietnam and gave thanks to the delegation for spending time visiting the Ministry of Justice. The Minister emphasized it was extremely significant that the countries work together to solve the problem of transnational crime in the context of the current global integration and wished the U.S. delegation to achieve lots of successes in this Session. He also expressed the hope that two Ministries of Justice would continue to help the two Goverments strengthen the legal tools to raise the cooperation relation to higher level in the coming time.

Agreeing with Minister Ha Hung Cuong, Deputy Minister J. Cole said that the two Ministries needed to further cooperation activities, especially promoting the formulation and implementation of legal instruments to develop bilateral relations. He highly appreciated the recent achievements of Vietnam’s Ministry of Justice and affirmed the U.S. Justice Ministry was  willing to cooperate with Vietnam in the legal and judicial fields.

On this occasion, Minister Ha Hung Cuong asked  Deputy Minister J. Cole to convey the invitation to Justice Minister of the United States for an official visit  to Vietnam./.-ITD