Cooperation between Vietnam and France: witnessing positive development

Cooperation between Vietnam and France: witnessing positive development
Justice Minister Ha Hung Cuong on October 25 had a meeting with French Ambassador to Vietnam Jean-François Girault to discuss issues of mutual concern.
At the meeting, the Ambassador said that the Vietnam-France cooperation has seen significant improvements in various fields, especially in three broad areas of bilateral cooperation: notarization, child adoption and Vietnam – France Legal House.

Agreeing with the Ambassador, Minister Ha Hung Cuong emphasized that the cooperation with France has helped to create tremendous results of notarial operations in Vietnam in recent years. On the child adoption issue, the new points in the legal system will help to facilitate bilateral cooperation in the coming time. With Vietnam – France Legal House, the Minister expressed the hope that two sides would find common ground to further develop this effective collaboration tool.

The Minister and the Ambassador also discussed other issues of cooperation between the two countries in a spirit of openness, fairness and collaboration. The two sides agreed to make joint efforts to realize the good prospects for cooperation between the two governments and two nations./.-ITD