The Ministry of Justice held the opening session for the 2016 pre public service class

On July 18th, Deputy Minister of Justice Le Tien Chau gave a speech at the 2016 pre public service class for 62 young public officials.
Deputy Minister Le Tien Chau congratulated the officials who were assigned to attend this class and emphasized that the purpose of the class is for the trainees to gain knowledge about the Ministry and Judiciary, as well as to serve the upcoming process. He also required the trainees to fully comply with the class’ rules, along with discussing the unclear matters. For the organizers of the class, the Deputy Minister demanded that absent students and the class evaluation must be taken seriously in order to organize other classes, guaranteeing the effectiveness of training service.
The 2016 pre public service class will end in two and a half days with 8 topics, such as The formulation and development of the Ministry and Judiciary; Indroduction to the position, functions, duties, powers and organizing structure of the Ministry of Justice, legislation of the Ministry and Judiciary as well as local judicial agencies; Guidelines and policies of the Party and State during international integration; The formulation and issuance of state management documents… All the lecturers of the class are high reputation experts of the Ministry and Judiciary like PhD. Duong Thi Thanh Mai and the lecturers from Department of Staff organizing, Department of International cooperation, Department of Administrative criminal law…