Closing the second in-service training course of law in Ha Nam province

Closing the second in-service training course of law in Ha Nam province
On September 25, the provincial Department of Justice in collaboration with Hanoi Law University held the closing ceremony of second in-service training course (2007-2012).

Attending at the ceremony were Dr. Dang Thanh Nga, Deputy Dean of the Faculty attendance, Hanoi Law University; Ms. Le Thi Lien, Provincial commissioner, Director of the Justice Department; Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, Member of the Permanent direct of the provincial People's Council; Department of Justice leaders and class students...

Over a 5 year period, the students have been studied more than 2,570 lessons with 45 subjects. Evaluation results show that with serious learning spirit, self-discipline, the course has to fulfill the goal, the plans. Almost all of students have accumulated sufficient knowledge, qualifications, knowledge legal and professional. There had 102 students have completed their Bachelor of Laws degree before the course.

Addressing the closing ceremony, Dr. Dang Thanh Nga praised the administrators, teachers and students have overcome many difficulties and strive to achieve good results training; thank coordination enthusiastic help of Ha nam province Justice Department with all levels and agencies have created conditions on the basis of material in the process of implementation of course; Dr. Dang Thanh Nga also hoped the new Bachelors of Law will promote good field, wisdom, the theoretical knowledge was fitted into practice, contributing to further improve the work efficiency.