Deputy Minister of Justice Le Tien Chau held a welcome session for the delegation from Laos Ministry of Justice

On July 6th, Deputy Minister Le Tien Chau welcomed the delegation from the Bureau of Legal Education Dissemination (Laos Ministry of Justice) during their visit to Vietnam.
To welcome the delegation, Mr. Deputy Minister said that this is a good opportunity to implement the commitments in the Cooperative Agreements between Vietnamese Ministry of Justice and Laos Ministry of Justice. The Deputy Minister appreciated the practical and intensive cooperative activities of two Ministries recently. He considered those activities to be very valuable assets, which can contribute to the development of the traditional partnership between two countries.
On behalf of the delegation, Mr. BunXuong Thavisac, Director of the Legal Education Dissemination Bureau thanked the Deputy Minister for welcoming the delegation. He informed that the Bureau has just been assigned some new missions and want to learn from Vietnam about legal education, journalism and publication to effectively apply in Lao.