Vietnam – Lao: Experience exchange in civil status management

On June 27th, Deputy Minister of Justice Tran Tien Dung gave a courtesy reception to the senior delegation of Laos Ministry of Interior Affairs, led by Deputy Minister Siphuc Vongphacdi.
Deputy Minister Siphuc Vongphacdi thanked Deputy Minister Tran Tien Dung for welcoming the delegation. He informed that Laos Ministry of Interior Affairs have now been given some civil status assignments, which is marriage registration, birth certification, death certification… This is a new mission that Laos Ministry of Interior Affairs does not have many experiences. Mr. Siphuc Vongphacdi hoped to learn some experiences from Vietnam in this field.
Mr. Tran Tien Dung informed the delegation from Laos that Vietnam is implementing some breakthrough innovations in civil status management, specifically a pilot for providing indentifier codes for citizens in some provinces and cities. He also wished the senior delegation of Laos Ministry of Interior Affairs will have a successful business trip and believed that two Ministries will gain many useful information and experiences in order to perfectly implement the civil status and resident management.
Right after the reception, the units of the Ministry of Justice have introduced the professional activities relating to Vietnamese civil status management.