The signing of the cooperation aggreemtn between Hanoi Law University and Waikato University

With the hope of sharing common interests in academic cooperative exchange and international research, on July 19th, Hanoi Law University and Waikato University, New Zealand signed the Cooperation Memo about science research and training. Deputy Minister of Justice cum Rector of Hanoi Law University Le Tien Chau attended the signing ceremony.
Before the ceremony, representatives of both university exchanged some contents relate to the Cooperative Memo, including the cooperative bachelor and master training programs, scholarships from Waikato University for Hanoi Law University’ students, students exchanging matters, cooperation in scientific workshops and seminars organizing…
Deputy Minister Le Tien Chau hoped that the cooperative training programs will soon be deployed in 2016. He also shared some proposals, such as Hanoi Law University will send students to attend some semesters at Waikato University, at the same time, Waikato University will send experts to attend international workshops organized by Hanoi Law University.
Vice Rector of Waikato University Neil Quigley appreciated the practical proposals from Hanoi Law University and said that Waikato University is happy to cooperate in these matters. Furthermore, Mr. Neil Quigley also informed about the PhD training program, scholarships providing issues. He hoped that specific activities will be deloyed as soon as possible.
According to the Cooperative Memo, the cooperation will be implemented base on the goodwill, equality, mutual benefit, non-discrimination, legal principles and appropriate with the powers, functions and missions of each parties. The cooperative forms include: creating cooperative training opportunities for lecturers, students; encouragin students to study and research at partner’ university; exchaging research results, documents for lecturers and management staffs; organizing mutual activities like workshops, seminars…