Vietnam and Japan enhances ties in legal field

Vietnam and Japan enhances ties in legal field
Welcoming Ambassador Yasuaki Tanizaki and Japanese senior experts to MOJ’s headquarter, Minister Ha Hung Cuong gave thanks to Japanese Government for their support to Vietnam in socio-economic and infrastructure development, especially in the fields of transportation, hunger and poverty eradication, measures to deal with climate changes, which helps Vietnam to build and perfect its market economy.

At the meeting, Mr Yasuaki Tanizaki suggested supplementing the cooperative contents on support to perfect institution in Vietnam, focusing on the supports to perfect the legal system. Minister Ha Hung Cuong highly appreciated the initiative and expressed the hope that this will be among the important contents of cooperation.

Vietnam hopes to receive Japan’s valuable experiences during the process of building the rule-of-law state as well as the legal system to promote the socio-economic development.

Through the mutual discussion and exchange, two sides agreed to promote bilateral cooperation, especially the activities serving the perfection of legal system and judicial reforms in Vietnam.