Talk between Vietnamese and Cambodian Ministers of Justice to boost justice ties

Talk between Vietnamese and Cambodian Ministers of Justice to boost justice ties
This morning (August 30), the senior delegation of Cambodian Ministry of Justice led by Minister Angvong Vathana have a talk with Vietnamese counterpart.

At the discussion, Minister Ha Hung Cuong expresses his thanks to the delegation for their attendance at the ceremony celebrating the 65th anniversary of Justice Sector and receiving the Gold Star Order. After briefing Vietnam’s recent socio-economic situation, he shares several new points in Ministry of Justice’s activities in 2010 as: lots of significant draft laws have been submitted and passed by National Assembly; organizational status and activities of the civil judgment enforcement agencies have been renovated; the education of Justice Sector’s staff has been consolidated. He also expresses his hope that two sides will further boost bilateral ties in corresponding with the traditional and comprehensive relation between two countries.


For his part, Minister Angvong Vathana informs Minister Ha Hung Cuong of Cambodia’s recent situation. In the field of Justice, he states some differences between two countries’ legal systems. It can be see as: in Cambodia the system of judicial organizations only exists at central level; the judgment enforcement agencies belong to the Court. The Minister expects to learn and share experiences with Vietnamese Ministry of Justice in various fields as: conciliation at grassroots level, legislative development and law implementation, child adoption, nationality.

The talk helps two sides reinforce the mutual understanding, open new ideas of cooperation and boost the friendship between two ministries and countries. The two ministers also agree to accelerate negotiations to soon finalize an agreement on civil and trading juridical assistance between Vietnam and Cambodia in 2011, the meeting between two countries’ experts will start in the 4th quarter this year./. - ITD