The new changes in the Law on Residence

The National Assembly on June 20, 2013 adopted the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on Residence, No. 36/2013/QH13, which notably provides for permanent registration in a central-affiliated city.

Whereas before, the Residence Law No. 81/2008/QH11 specified one case was registered permanent residence in central cities are: Citizens have a place in legal and continuous residence in that city for one year or more, the Law Amending and Supplementing this was adjusted as follows: citizens have the lawful domicile, if permanent registration in districts of a central-affiliated city, there must be sojourn time in that city from 01 years or more if the resident registration districts of a central-affiliated city, there must be time staying in the city from 02 years upwards.

Besides, in the case of registration of citizens residing legally in place in due rent, borrow, at home by individuals and organizations, in addition to meeting the conditions of the lease, lend, allowing for agreed to in writing, it must also ensure that the average area of the site in accordance with the Municipal People's Council and people's Committee's communes, wards and towns of the area average conditions.

One other notable adjustment of the provisions of this Law is representing the family, dormitories, medical facilities, hotels, motels, other establishments have to have the responsibility to stay informed of police stay with communes, wards and townships (instead of the regulation to reside full 14 years or older, representing the family, dormitories, medical facilities, hotels, motels new to the press). At the same time, the law also provides for additional cases of household, housing registration exercise is not resident in the commune, ward or township in which the resident who is responsible to inform the store residence with police communes and towns.

This Law shall take effect on the date of 01/01/2014.