Talking on the birth registration signed by both parents

Under the guidance in Circular No. 05/2012/TT-BTP of Ministry of Justice, from the date of July 10, 2012, on the birth registration declaration signed by the parents. Implement this provision in real life, people and officials of Justice - Civil Status in root also met some hard case.

Mr. Nguyen Cong Khanh, Deputy Director of Department of Judicial Administration, Ministry of Justice said that in principle, the declaration of birth registration must be signed by both parents to ensure parents have agreed on birth content in all fields of the naming their child, choosing their child first name (by their parents), the choice of nationality (according to the nationality of the father or mother).

However, in the case of a parent for objective reasons (travel, work away, the parents lost their civil act capacity, etc.) can not directly sign the declaration, only signature of one person, but the signer must swear on the exchange and unified of birth content.

In case of the child is illegitimate father not identified in the declaration, It must be signed by the mother, when the mother objective reasons cannot directly sign the declaration, the birth registration sign the declaration.

Mr. Khanh also said that guide birth registration has opened, it is the parents could be signed before the birth registration declaration and do not need to validate the signature, the birth are responsible authenticity of the signature of the parent. There have the person just have to sign in the case of birth registration was not the child’s father, mother.