Revised Anti-Corruption Law: Party members must declare their assets?

Applicable anti-corruption laws specified object declaration includes only persons with positions and powers, however, follow the draft Anti-Corruption Law’s amendments, the Government proposed the declaration made to public servants who are party members.

Open too wide audience declaration will hardly feasible

The government said that have two types of different opinions subject are obliged to declare their assets, income included:

The first opinion that object property declaration included the obligation income statement declaration under the current regulations and that add the officials and employees are party members (not including audience members are farmers or retired).
 Kind of second opinion for that object declaration of assets and income should define all the positions and powers under current law.

However, the Government declared that the object of the type of second opinion is too broad, not feasible. That shows that the implementation of the provisions on transparency of assets, income not in essence through review of five years of implementation of the Law on Anti-Corruption. Therefore, the Draft Law proposed adding the officials and employees as party members.

Should publicly declare assets in the residence?

To overcome formal and ineffective in this work, the project draft Law provides for the public declaration of assets and income in a regular work location, work and residence of officers, employees and members aim to agencies, organizations or communities in residence monitor the truthfulness of the declaration to prevent and detect corruption.

In this regard, the Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Huynh Ngoc Son emphasized "corruption have sophisticated then also arrested declaration, how to settle one and for all. Measures given still in the  measures. It is important in the human heart ".

Draft amended Law on Anti-Corruption will be present at the fourth session of the XIII National Assembly in October.