Strengthening Vietnamese – French legal and judicial cooperation

The statement is confirmed by Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong at the meeting with Ms. Christiane Feral-Schuhl, Chairman of the Paris Bar Association on April 11.
Ms. Christiane Feral-Schuhl informed Minister Cuong on the success of 2013 International Conference Campus held in Ho Chi Minh City from the 7 to 10 April, as well as the working result between Paris Bar Association and Hanoi Bar Association.
Minister Cuong emphasized that Vietnam’s Government and Ministry of Justice wished to strengthen and further develop the legal and judicial cooperation between two countries. Especially, Vietnam encourages the collaboration between two countries’ legal professional associations, including cooperation between attorney, notary and bailiff organizations.
Relating to stipulations on the practice of foreign lawyers in Vietnam of the amended Lawyer Law, the Minister said that Vietnam's policies are always to create the most favorable conditions for foreign lawyers to practise in Vietnam and to facilitate Vietnam's lawyers to integrate more to the world.