British Ambassador said farewell to Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong

On the afternoon of October 2, Mr Mark Kent, British ambassador to Vietnam, came to say farewell to Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong before completing his term in Vietnam in November.

At the meeting, Minister Ha Hung Cuong gave the deep thanks to British Ambassador for his great contribution to the bilateral cooperation, especially in the fields of law and justice such as: comprehensive aid to the project of Law on information access, cooperation in Master training with Hanoi Law University…  The United Kingdom-Vietnam bilateral relationship has developed greatly since the establishment of full diplomatic relations in 1973, and now encompasses a wide-range of issues, from high-level political contacts, through growing trade and investment links, cooperation against international crime and illegal migration, to a fast growing development assistance programme. Two countries have also built lots of legal tools which help boost the bilateral cooperation in various areas, partly contributing to make the bilateral relationship become the model for the relationship with other countries. Minister Ha Hung Cuong also gave the best wishes to the Ambassador and expressed his hope that Mr Mark Kent would go on spending his concern to Vietnam and the bilateral relationship.

For his part, the Ambassador thanked the Minister and promised to support Ministry of Justice in the coming time. Before leaving Vietnam, he will complete the Action Plan to concretize the Strategic Partnership Declaration which has just been signed between two countries. Based on that, his colleguages in British Ambassy and British Council will continue the work to strengthen the cooperation between two countries./.- ITD