Vietnam joins Asia Pacific law association

Vietnam officially joined the Law Association for Asia and the Pacific (LAWASIA) on July 25.

LAWASIA president Lester G. Huang presented the membership certificate to lawyer Le Thuc Anh, President of the Vietnam Bar Federation (VBF) on a ceremony held the same day in Hanoi .

Huang said LAWASIA welcomes the VBF as a national lawyers’ association to become one of its official members.

VBF head Le Thuc Anh praised the role and position of LAWASIA in developing and promoting the legal profession in Asia and the Pacific.

He underlined that the VBF and the circle of Vietnamese lawyers will do their utmost to contribute to the successful and effective cooperation with the LAWASIA as well as for progress and development of the lawyer profession in Vietnam and in the region.

After the ceremony, the VBF had an official working session with the LAWASIA President on the future cooperation programmes and other international schemes relating to the promotion of the legal profession.

Founded in August 1966 in Australia, LAWASIA is an international organisation of lawyers’ associations, individual lawyers, judges, legal academics, and others which focuses on the interests and concerns of the legal profession in the Asia Pacific region.

The governing body, the LAWASIA Council, is comprised of representatives of the supreme legal bodies in 27 countries and over 1,500 individual members from over 50 countries.

The main goal of the association is to promote the professional relations among lawyers and enhance their legal practices./.