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Decree 63/2013/NĐ-CP 27/06/2013

Implementation of Ordinance on Codification

Decree 22/2013/ND-CP 13/03/2013

The Functions, Tasks, Powers and Organizational Structures of the Ministry of Justice

Joint circular 05/2013/TTLT-BTP-BNG-BCA 31/01/2013

Joint circular No. 05/2013/TTLT/BTP-BNG-BCA of January 31,2013, amending and supplementing article 13 of the Joint Circular no. 05/2010/TTLT/BTP-BNG-BCA , of March 01, 2010 of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of public security guiding implementation of the Government’s Decree No. 78/2009/ND-CP, of September 22, 2009 detailing and guiding implementation of a number of articles of the law on vietnamese nationality

Circular 11/2012/TT-BTP 30/10/2012

Circular No. 11/2012/TT-BTP of October 30, 2012, promulgating the rule on notarization practice ethics

Law 13/2012/QH13 20/06/2012

Law No. 13/2012/QH13 of July 20, 2012, on judicial expertise

Decree 06/2012/ND-CP 02/02/2012

Decree No. 06/2012/ND-CP of February 2, 2012, amending and supplementing a number of articles of the decrees on civil status, marriage and family and certification

Joint circular 08/2012/TTLT-BTC-BTP 19/01/2012

Joint circular No. 08/2012/TTLT-BTC-BTP of January 19, 2012, guiding the rates and the collection, remittance, management and use of notarization charges

Decree 82/2011/ND-CP 16/09/2011

On execution by lethal injection

Joint circular 15/2011/TTLT-BTP-BNG-TANDTC 15/09/2011

Guiding the application of a number of provisions of the Law on Legal Assistance on legal assistance in the civil domain

Decree 75/2011/ND-CP 30/08/2011

On state investment credit and export credit