Thanh Hoa provincial Department of Justice: The professional fostering course on judicial and civil status work at commune level in 2011

The provincial Department of Justice on September 24 organized the professional fostering course on judicial and civil status work  for more than 400 judicial officials at district level and civil status judicial officials of communes in the province. Mr. Duong Khanh, Director of the Justice Department attended the class and delivered opening speech.
The contents of the fostering course focused on raising and improving judicial professional skills and legal knowledge related to organization and operation of  the Sector such as: Joint-Circular No. 01/ 2009/ TTLT-BTP- BNV of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Home Affairs; Some basic contents of Circular No 08/ 2011/ TT-BTP dated 05/4/2011 of the Ministry of Justice guiding a number of provisions on statistical activities in the Justice Sector; The endorsement contracts and secured transactions at the commune - level People's Committee; Skills on drafting Legal documents of commune-level People’s Councils or People’s Committees pursuant to Law on Promulgation of legal documents of People’s Council and People's Committee; Sanction for administrative violations in the judicial domain under Decree No. 60/2009/ND-CP dated 23/07/2009 of the Government; The civil status registration and management of the commune People's Committee under Decree 158/2005/ND-CP dated of 27/12/2005 and Circular 01/ 2008/ TT-BTP dated 02/6/2008...

The course has helped to improve legal knowledge and professional skills on law dissemination and education for judicial officials at local level./.-ITD