State President hails role of lawyers and jurists

Lawyers and jurists play an increasingly important role in the country’s judicial and administrative reforms as well as its integration process, as Vietnam is an official member of the World Trade Organisation, stressed State President Nguyen Minh Triet.

President Triet was speaking at a two-day national congress of the Vietnam Lawyers Association, which commenced in Hanoi on March 5, to review activities in 2006 and work out tasks for the year of 2007.

“The Vietnam Lawyers Association has affirmed its important role in the country’s law-making process and in bringing laws into social life,” said President Triet, adding that the association has contributed to democratising the law-making process and increasing the quality of legal documents.

             The President mentioned six major issues that the association should deal with in the coming time, including socialising some areas in the field of judiciary and judicial assistance, increasing its members’ role in the process of building a Socialist law-governed state, reforming its information activities, urging its members to enhance their capacities by themselves, closely co-ordinating with the Ministry of Justice and local lawyers associations to improve lawyers’ skills, and expanding its co-operation with international partners in training and exchanging experiences