Pursuant to Decision No.2278/QD-BTP dated 04/12/2008 of the Minister of Justice prescribing the functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the Department of Child Adoption;

Considering the proposal of the Director of Department of Child Adoption, hereby 

I. Functions

The Child Adoption Department (hereinafter reffered to as Department) is an organization of the Ministry of Justice which is established on the basis of the Department of International Child Adoption, and which performs the functions of assisting the Minister in excercising the State management over adoption; handling matters related to child adoption involving foreign elements according to the provisions of law.

The Department shall have a legal status, a headquater located in Ha Noi City.

The Department shall have its own seal and own bank accounts at the State Treasury as stipulated by law. 

II. Tasks and Powers

The Department shall exercise the following tasks and powers:

1. To elaborate and submit to the Minister long-term, five-year and annual work plans of the Department;

2. To assume the prime responsibility for and coordinate with other relevant organizations under the Ministry in elaborating and submiting to the Minister long-term and medium-term policies on domestic child adoption and child adoption involving foreign elements ; to participate in developing strategies, master-plans, long-term, five-year and annual development plans of the justice sector;

3. To assume the prime responsibility for or participate in elaborating  schemes, projects and draft legal documents on child adoption to be submited to the Minister for promulgation or for submiting to competent agencies for issuance; to participate in appraising and giving comments to other bills and draft legal documents as assigned by the Minister;

4. To elaborate and submit to the Minister for issuance of forms of notebooks  and papers related to child adoption;

5. To review and systematize legal normative documents on the domains under the management of the Department;

6. To implement plans, schemes, projects, and legal normative documents on the domains under the management of the Department;

7. Regarding the works of domestic child adoption:

a) To propose and organize the implementation of solutions on ensuring the rights of the child to be adopted by domestic families before being adopted by foreign people;

b) To enhance the registration of child adoption and the implementation of solutions on ensuring that abandoned, orphan children and children in difficult situations should be adopted by domestic families;

c) To examine the exercising of rights and interests of domestic adopted children as presciribed by law;

8. Regarding the works of child adoption involving foreign elements:

a) To receive, check and process dossiers of foreigners and Vietnamese people residing overseas who apply for adoption of Vietnamese children; to check dossiers of Vietnamese children to be introduce for foreign adoption;

b) To settle procedures for Vietnamese citizens to adopt foreign children;

c) To observe the development and examine the exercising of rights and interests of Vietnamese children being adopted overseas;

d) To receive and examine dossiers of application for establishment of foreign child adoption offices in Vietnam; to submit to the Minister for granting, extending, changing in the contents, terminating and withdrawing the permits for setting up foreign child adoption offices in Vietnam; to administer foreign child adoption offices in Vietnam as prescribed.

9. To perform the tasks and powers of the Central Department on international child adoption of Vietnam under treaties on child adoption cooperation between Vietnam and other countries;

10. To prepare procedures as stipulated by law for the Minister to submit to competent agencies for signing, acceding and implementing international treaties on child adoption;

11. To undertake international cooperation activities in the field of child adoption according to provisions of law and the delegation of the Ministry;

12. To provide guidance and training on professional skills on child adoption registration;

13. To monitor, analyse and sum-up the state and result of implementation of policies, solutions and legal normative documents in the field of child adoption; to undertake information and report regimes as prescribed;

14. To implement the regimes of statistics, management and archives of data on child adoption as stipulated by law;

15. To examine and participate in inspecting the observance of law provisions regarding child adoption; to handle complaints and denunciations as stipulated by law and delegated by the Ministry;

16. To propose policies and solution, and organize the implementation of anti-coruption and combat against negative acts in the field of child adoption as prescribed by law;

17. To implement the emulation and commendation work, to manage its contingent of public servants, officials and employees as stipulated by law and delegated by the Ministry;

18. To implement the accounting and financial regime, to manage its assigned finance and assets according to provisions of law;

19. To perform a number of other tasks assigned by the Minister.

 III. Organizational Structure

1. Leadership

The Department shall have a Director General and no more than three Deputy Directors General.

2. Organizations attached to the Department:

- The Office;

- The Division of Policies and Documents;

- The Division of Child Adoption Involving Foreign Elements.


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